It's a film

It’s a film. They’re all films. Things appear and then go abruptly. They move, are moved amidst the whirr and clatter of the mechanism. They judder and flicker and glow and fade haphazardly. The action is simple. Things appear, or move in to the centre of the stage. They are handled, stroked, turned, lifted and replaced.

There is movement even when there isn’t any. How many people are present? Who is this for? Why this sequence? Why these movements?

The things themselves are white against the black background. Beneath them the back surface is marked and whitened, presumably by the objects. How long has this been going on for? Are these only a few of many more in a larger sequence? Or has this happened many times before, the same 9 objects appearing again and again, marking and scuffing?

There is no sound, apart from the mechanical clatter, but the way the objects are handled, presented, suggests a kind of patter. A demonstration, but for whom? The missing words seem conspicuous, but to hear them would probably be a disappointment.

They are not all white, some of them look grey-ish.

They’re supposed to be sculptures, apparently.

Written during a writing workshop run by Brain Dillon at KU May 2016

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