"The object is a dark crystal veiled in a private vacuum: irreducable to its own pieces and equally irreducable to its outward relations with other things," Hatman The Quadruple Object p. 47
"Creatures of myth might dance before the mind, but in no way are they substances." Harman speaking of the problems with Leibniz in The Quadruple Object p18
"Even if the exact hue of red in my apple can also be found in a nearby shirt or can of spray paint, the colours will have a different feel in each of these cases, since they are bonded to the thing to which they belong" Harman speaking of Husserl in The Quadruple Object p11

New work at APT in Deptford, part of Exchange Project

Allure of the Fkesh (Print)

The Faces of Things (Ceramic Sculptures)


Things Being Themselves (Video)

Allure of the flesh

For Claire Undy

For Dawn Howley

For Bridget Lennon

For Robert Aberdein

Mysterious photographs

A friend sent these to me. She found them in a job lot of old photos. No information about where they are from or what they are. I want to make some images like this!

Black Sun Horizon

I have a video in an upcoming group show at the Royal Standard in Liverpool. 18th May-2nd June. Preview 17th May.

"There are no images - only objects." Graham Harman, Tool Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of objects pp.290
These feel like they might be set models for something. A Constructivist opera? I like them but I'm not sure what to do with them,