Digital pinhole photograph/Wooden Structure Dec 2011

Me - In the Studio

This is an interview with me in my studio made for Abstract Critical. 


New footage of of Naum Gabo's Revolving Torsion, Fountain 1972-3 in front of St Thomas' Hospital. Developed in my bathtub 'spaghetti style. I'm interested in the different layers - the structure of the fountain, sprays of water, the fog, the sunlight that breaks through toward the end and flares in the lense, and the diffwerent textures of the development process. 

Froebel's Gift (2011)

Froebel's second gift. A set of eight building blocks.
Two inch plaster cubes photographed on a mirror
Series of 44 pinhole images. C-type prints in sets of 4, 20x30cm

Jaque Lipschitz

Man with a Guitar

Sculpture 1916
Sculpture 1916

josef albers structural constellations

Simon Martin Carlton 2006

This is a film of and about The Carlton Cabinet, bookcase made by the Memphis Collective. 

"An all-purpose vernacular"
"...outlandish, mischievous, heroically quirky"

Froebel's GIfts

3rd Gift 
Two wooden boxes with sliding lids designed by Friedrich Froebel. The first building box (also known as the third Froebel gift) contains eight one inch beechwood cubes. The second building box (also known as the fourth Froebel gift) contains eight beechwood blocks, which are twice as long and half the thickness. Combine all 16 blocks to extend the possibilities for creative play.

6th Gift
This wooden box with a sliding lid (also known as the sixth Froebel Gift) contains 36 beechwood blocks. By dividing the building block in two different ways, two new shapes are introduced to extend creative play. 18 blocks 2 x 1 x .5 inches, 12 blocks 1 x 1 x .5 inches, 6 blocks 2 x .5 x 5 inches


Ben Nicholson White Relief Scultpure 1936 - version 1

means that it is equal to by definition.

In my EM text book it uses a equal sign with a triangle on top to define the intrinsic impedence of a lossless medium.

Ben Nicholson O.M. 1894-1982

T04119 sculpture c.1936 
Painted wood 228 x 305 x 241 (9 x 12 x 9 1/2)
Inscribed on underside ‘Ben Nicholson 193[...]-3[...]' towards t.l., ‘[symbol comprising an equilateral triangle above an 'equals' sign] 3 Mall Studio Parkhill Road London NW3>' b.l., ‘To | Nicholson | Chy an Kerris | CARBIS BAY | CORNWALL' circumscribed by a pencil line vertically on right and ‘BOTTOM' diagonally towards top centre