Tuning Up with Steven Cornford at the Barbican

The forth outing for our performance for helium balloons and harmonicas in the Barbican's Curve Gallery for Sound Unbound festival 2017.

Please Do Not Touch - SEND Study Day 2017 Tate Britain

A workshop for teachers and other professionals working with young people with SEND. When planning the workshop the Tate team were keen to emphasis that participants should be encouraged to use the gallery in whatever way they wanted. Make yourselves at home, make as much noise as you like, but please do not touch. The workshop developed from the premise that the first thing any young person with SEND wants to do is touch and that  this would in many instances be the best way for them to engage with the work. How can we get as close as possible to the work in the galleries without touching? In groups participants were sent off with materials to devise games to play in the galleries and share these with each other. They also used video to create tours of the galleries and of artworks using super close up, trying to find new ways of engagement.