Sketch for Radiophonic-style soundtrack

The Golden Measure - Joaquin Torres-Garcia

Maquette Triptychs

Creature Feature 2010

Sound research

Part of the residency at Centrum will be making a soundtrack for the film and installation. I want it to be quite minimal, with references to atonal composition and electronic soundscapes.


Iannis Xenakis soundtrack to Vasarely film

NEG-ALE (1960) (8:08)
for piccolo, horn, cello, and percussion
with the film "Vasarely"

In 1960, Xenakis composed the music NEG-ALE for P. Kassovitz's "Vasarely", an abstract film on the artwork of Op-Art master Victor Vasarely, documenting an exhibition of that painter's work at the Denise Renée Gallery. Xenakis provided music in the form of a piece entitled NEG-ALE for piccolo, horn, cello and percussion, but later withdrew the work from his catalogue.

Soundtrack research