verb (used without object)
to shine with or reflect a subdued, tremulous light; gleamfaintly.
to appear to quiver or vibrate in faint light or while reflectingheat waves.
a subdued, tremulous light or gleam.
a quivering or vibrating motion or image as produced byreflecting faint light or heat waves.
bef. 1100;  ME schimeren, s c hemeren,  OE scimrian;  c. Dschemeren,  G schimmern  to glisten

Hans Richter

Harry Smith

Mary Ellen Bute

Naum Gabo

 “The real stuff of Gabo’s art is not his physical materials, but his perception of space, time and movement. In the calmness at the ‘still centre’ of even his smallest works, we sense the vastness of space, the enormity of his conception, time as continuous growth.” In fact, the element of movement in Gabo’s sculpture is connected to a strong rhythm, more implicit and deeper than the chaotic patterns of life itself. The exactness of form leads the viewer to imagine journeying into, through, over and around his sculptures.


Put these up today. Monoprints with photo collage. More variations on a theme.

More Arrangements

CENTRUM residency

I'm here at Centrum for 2 weeks to work on material for a project with the working-title 'Images of Wonder'. I've brought a bunch of small objects and geometric cardboard shapes, some collages and Super-8 footage.

The plan for the two weeks is to work fairly openly on arranging existing objects and creating som new ones, edit the film footage and create a soundtrack with the help of David Moynihan - something referencing Iannis Xinnakis, Radiophonic Workshop and sci-fi. Spare and suspenseful is what I'm thinking at the moment. This soundtrack will then act as sound for the installation as a whole for the finishing event of the residency on Friday 20th as well as being permanently attached to the finished film.

Let's see what happens!?


Arrived in Berlin on Thursday and moved into the gallery.