OBJECT WORKSHOP with Jo Addison at Kingston School of Art

A week-long workshop for first year Fine Art students at Kingston School of Art, including group making and discussion sessions. 

Object Workshop Instructions

Starting points for the Object Worksop:

1. Make/find something which can make a sound.
2. Put your hands together and make an object.
3. Make an object with 7 folds.
4. Cut something 27 times.
5. Make an object without looking.
6. Make an object behind your back.
7. Make an object with chopsticks or similar.
8. Write a list of things that aren’t really objects.
9. Make something out of a single sheet of paper.
10. How small is too small?
11. Glue two things together to make one.
12. Interview an object.
13. Find a picture in a book and turn it into an object.