Henry Moore


1951 documentary by Alan Read

Aelita 1920's Russian Sci-fi film extract

Tatlin's Tower

Anne Tyng & Louis Kahn

Deity - Hilma af Klint

The Model

The status of the model, Kiaer says, is always one of movement: it travels between an idea and the concretization of that idea, whether it has already taken place or is yet to come. It is physically light, transportable and schematic. It need not be finely crafted – in fact, speed is often a prerequisite of its construction. In some cases the model is impossibly optimistic, presenting an idealised image with all imperfections smoothed out. It is always critical in its relation to the thing it represents. […] The model is not a means to an end but an end in itself – the articulation of an idea perpetually preserved in the womb of the imagination, never tested by being born into reality.

[…]In contrast to its classical partner, praxis, which is understood as the direct articulation of the artists will, poesis refers to an exploratory process of making which results in te unveiling of meaning.

From Freize 132 'From Room to Room p142-5