Hand-processed medium format photographs, taken with 8 second exposures in a darkened room.

I've been reading a lot about early photography of antiquities in the late 19th century. How the aura of the ancient and broken objects is doubled by the aura of the faded and scratched images. I made these in response. Showed them at a PhD seminar with mixed response. It was felt that the images were too clearly and uncomplicatedly referencing these old photographs or at least this idea of the aura. I think there's something to this, but it is interesting to see these objects recast in this way. They don't feel as successful as the 16mm works I've been making which arguably are doing a similar thing with the faux ageing of the film. I'm struggling to find stills interesting at the moment, everything is moving in the film and video work, how can stills compete?!

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