I have just begun a new collaboration with Lucy Cran running workshops and participation projects. Take a look!

Performing for Camera Workshop

These images are for the practical activity after my talk at KSA on Thursday 18th October.
Students will be asked to download images as they choose and then in groups find ways of presenting them on their phones, exploring combinations, arrangements and different contexts. Re-filming these experiments and posting to Instagram #performingforcameraworkshop

Rocking semi-circles

Film shown as prat of Uniqlo Tate Late at Tate Modern 27.07.18 made in collaboration with Claire Undy and shown alongside film and performance work made during the Tate Summer School.

Tate Summer School 2018

The Summer School was a five day course for teachers and people working in gallery education from all over the world. Based on ideas of sensitivity, collaboration, improvisation and embodied forms of learning and exploration. I was able to invite Claire Undy, Rachel Cattle, Jon Owen and Corali Dance Company to contribute to the week running activities based on our shared interests and collaborative and facilitation practices. Claire and I ran two days based on exploring objects in front of the camera through improvisation, and working together looking at ideas of support and disruption, Rachel's workshop explored listening and sound making practices as well as ideas of recording and broadcast, Jon Owen joined us to explore ways of working with other people using sensitive approaches from musical improvisation. Corali ran workshops exploring layering of media and creating movement content from from mark making activities and exploration of the physical space of the gallery.  

My favourite video from the Summer School

Meme Compilation

I've been making short animations of some of my recent sculptures to post on instagram, looking at the quick and lo-fi methods used to make memes. This is a compilation of my favourites.

'Don't We all Play the Same?' Workshop at tate Modern

An experimental workshop at Tate Modern where children with learning difficulties worked  in groups with students from Kingston . Each group was given a workshop and a set of materials, the idea being to make work in the gallery beside the artworks and to explore ideas and materials together. What seemed most important was that the activities served  as an excuse to spend time together to spend time in the gallery and play. This is part of a year-long research project aimed at developing Tate Schools and Teachers SEND offer. It will also be used to develop ideas for the Tate Summer School later this year.

Animated Gifs made for Skelf Art Feast 2017


OBJECT WORKSHOP with Jo Addison at Kingston School of Art

A week-long workshop for first year Fine Art students at Kingston School of Art, including group making and discussion sessions.