Bisanbos from Bill Leslie on Vimeo.

Suggested to Jo Addison (my supervisor) that we could film something together, something of her's. I'd seen this piece 'Bisanbos' at her show at Tintype. I thought it would be interesting to film a 'finished piece' or a sculpture that existed in it's own right, as most of the things I've shot so far have felt like things made to be filmed. Things I've made to try out. It's edited to two short Faust tracks. Not sure how successful this is but really interesting to think about sound and to film someone else's work - a way of spending time and getting to know something much better. I really love the initial shot of it rotating at the edge of the shot. Watching it now, it's so bonkers I'm not sure what to make of it.

Also shot some 16mm which couldn't look more different! Like some sort of lost sci-fi from the 1020s. There's something about the lack of definition and the overwhelming contrast which could be interesting.

Bisanbos 16mm from Bill Leslie on Vimeo.

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