Object Workshop Instructions

Starting points for the Object Worksop:

1. Make/find something which can make a sound.
2. Put your hands together and make an object.
3. Make an object with 7 folds.
4. Cut something 27 times.
5. Make an object without looking.
6. Make an object behind your back.
7. Make an object with chopsticks or similar.
8. Write a list of things that aren’t really objects.
9. Make something out of a single sheet of paper.
10. How small is too small?
11. Glue two things together to make one.
12. Interview an object.
13. Find a picture in a book and turn it into an object.
14. Put on all your clothes.
15. Make something that leans.
16. Draw an object and claim that it’s real.
17. Make an object to touch.
18. Make and object to not touch.
19. Make an object only you would recognise.
20. Make an object anyone would recognise.
21. Grow an object.
22. Make it one way then the other.
23. Take something you love and copy it as well as you can.
24. Find something you’ve never seen before and copy it as well as
you can.
25. Make an object that rolls.
26. Make an object mysterious.
27. Draw a line around an object.
28. Make an object you can hand over.
29. Chew it.
30. Break it.
31. Drop it.
32. Love it.
33. Remember it.
34. Lose an object.
35. Find an object.
36. Make an object invisible.
37. Throw something that is difficult to throw because of its
light weight.
38. Concentrate really hard on an object for 15 minutes.
39. Make an object that does a job.
40. Make a useless object which can also prop open a door or
41. Make a useless object that could also be used as a missile.
42. Make an object you could stub your toe on.
43. Make a very public object.
44. Make an object that needs to be covered up.
45. Make an object which will definitely break.
46. Make an object with bends.
47. Make an object that holds water.
48. Make an object which is utterly useless.
49. Make an object to go up high.
50. Make an object which is horizontal but not vertical.
51. Make two objects that mirror each other somehow.
52. Make/find two objects that fit together.
53. Make/find two objects that do not fit together.
54. Make an object that moves.
55. Make an object that you can move.
56. Make an object that moves you.
57. Make an object that is doomed to failure.
58. Make an object which will collapse.
59. Make an object and destroy it.
60. Destroy an object.
61. Make an object and pull it apart.
62. Make an object which is perfectly balanced.
63. Make an object which is imperfectly balanced.
64. Make an imperfect object.
65. Feel it with one hand and make a copy with the other, without
66. Listen to it (without seeing it, and make a copy).
67. Look at it for 2 minutes then hide it from sight and make a
copy as well as you can.
68. Look at it, try to work out what its made of and how, write
this down and give it to someone else so that they can remake it.
69. Look at it and write a list of things to do next. Give this
list to someone.
70. Find the best place for it.
71. Break it and then repair it.
72. Lie down for 10 minutes then decide what to do.
73. Do it again but this time take your shoes and socks off.
74. Write a description of it. Give this to someone else to
75. Describe it in exhaustive detail.
76. Make something for two people to wear.
77. Write a description of something that is impossible and give
it to someone to make.
78. Swap clothes.
79. Find a more practical use for it.
80. Break it and put it back together.
81. Deface it.
82. Spend a long time discussing the meaning of it and then do
something completely inconsequential.
83. Do something with it that seems totally inconsequential
84. Make the slightest of alterations
85. Spin it around.
86. Turn it upside down.
87. Copy it copy it copy it copy it copy it copy it copy it copy
88. Take advantage of it.
89. Sing to it.
90. Put it to bed.
91. Try to dispose of it without being caught.
92. Cut it up and bury it.
93. Subject it to a controlled explosion.
94. Swap and swap again.
95. Do the thing that your partner hates.
96. Fudge it.
97. Communicate in whispers.
98. Work out what to do next without talking.
99. Communicate your instructions via smoke signal or similar.
100. Take it for a walk.
101. Protect it with your life.
102. Make a thousand tiny marks.
103. Subject it to the passing of time.
104. Turn it into a game.
105. Each think of a song and, on the signal from the
conductor sings it through.

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